Lisa Marchisio calibrates the projection software for the curved screen

Over Winter and Spring quarters, engineering and visual communication students collaborated on a projection screen for the Pacific Science Center’s “What is Reality” exhibit, on display through the summer.

The finished project was a large, curved screen with twin projectors that created an immersive video viewing experience.

SPU Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Adam Arabian worked with Lisa Marchisio, the director of exhibit operations at the Pacific Science Center, to plan the project. Marchisio said similar systems of software and hardware cost tens of thousands of dollars to purchase, but the Seattle Pacific student team built one for a fraction of the cost.

In this photo, Marchisio calibrates the projection software for the curved screen.

This story originally appeared on page 15 of the autumn 2018 issue of Response with the headline, “Student work on display.” Photo by Lynn Anselmi. 

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