What do you want to be when you grow up? Because now you can make it a reality. With 71 majors and 59 minors to choose from, Seattle Pacific is the perfect place to pursue (or discover) your calling and jumpstart your career. Here are 10 of the top majors at SPU.

Computer Science

The computer science program at SPU offers a well-rounded blend of core curriculum that will prepare students to go into their career or into a graduate program. Students from the program go on to pursue careers as data analysists, programmers, and researchers.



SPU’s holistic nursing program emphasizes both health promotion and illness care, integrating faith with scientific knowledge and clinical experience. You will complete clinical practice at a broad range of venues throughout the metropolitan Seattle area and learn in new, state-of-the-art campus facilities.



Study general, mechanical, electrical, or computer engineering in a nationally ranked engineering program that prepares you to develop real solutions to real problems and jumpstart your career. You will learn through hands-on applications, dedicated faculty, internships and career connections in Seattle, one of the world’s leading cities in science and industry.


Music Therapy

With a choice between three emphases, music therapy students can tailor their educational experience to the specific vocation, varying from physical education, psychology, and special education. This rigorous program prepares graduates for careers in a variety of places, such as community mental health centers, private practices, substance abuse programs, and oncology treatment centers.



While earning a BA or a BS in psychology, students in the psychology program can explore wide ranging interests such as clinical psychological and social work or the integration of natural sciences and psychology, offering careers such as animal science.


Criminal Justice

The criminal justice major offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that examines criminology, crime mapping, and the contexts in which crime is rooted, as well as ethical issues in the field. You’ll take classes on topics like juvenile delinquency, sociology of gender, and psychological disorders. The major prepares students for careers in law enforcement, social work, or mental health services.


Business Administration

Students in the business administration program learn from professors with decades of practical business and industry success in rigorous courses that emphasizes both competence and integrity. All students complete internships in the Seattle area and have the opportunity for connections with mentors and alumni at global Seattle companies like Amazon, Boeing, Google, Microsoft, and Starbucks. Also, you can tailor your degree with nine concentrations!


Social Justice and Cultural Studies

Prepare to change the world. As a social justice and cultural studies major, you will take courses like U.S. multi-ethnic literature and introduction to justice, and can also take part in study abroad programs to broaden your perspective of global justice. You’ll prepare for a career in immigration law, academia, environmental policy, mediation, nonprofit work, or more. This major offers five different tracks for students, ranging from law to art for social justice to environmental justice.


Elementary Education

In addition to its academic rigor, the elementary education major at SPU offers students a bachelor’s degree and the teacher certification process in the student’s four years at the university. You can prepare for career paths in teaching administration, school counseling, and/or educational leadership.



The biology program at SPU offers both a BA and a BS in biology. The BA program prepares students for careers such as an animal biologist, emergency medical technician, or a science writer. The BS program emphasizes undergraduate research, offering students core and elective courses such as physiology, zoology, marine biology, and botany.

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