Students share: My favorite part of campus life

Seattle Pacific students love where they live and study. Why? We asked several students to share their favorite parts of campus life at SPU. From student clubs to Seattle adventures, read on to see what they had to say!


1. So many ways to get involved

“My favorite part of campus life at SPU is that there are so many ways to get involved. With over 50 clubs, on-campus events, and small class sizes, I’ve been able to make friends no matter where I’m at on campus.” — Alicia Termini, senior, elementary education major

“My favorite part of campus life at SPU is the community and the opportunities we have to meet people and get active at clubs and sports.” — Jessica Vester, senior, physiology major


2. Classmates and professors

“I love all my nursing classes, the professors are so caring, and my classmates are so supportive.” — Julia Chen, junior, nursing major

“My favorite thing about SPU is the access and relationships you build with the professors.” — Teo Keilwitz, junior, nursing major

“My favorite thing about SPU is the people! I have met so many incredible people during my time here that have helped me grow immensely and have become my family away from home.” — Noha Elbahouty, senior, human development and family studies major


3. Sense of community

“I love how small our school is. When we gather for an event or come together as a community you run into so many people you know whether that be people from your freshman dorm, peers in your classes, etc.” — Sinclair Ralston, senior, nursing major

“My favorite part of campus life at SPU is the strong community bond we hold. I feel known when I walk around campus and it feels really easy to talk to people I do not know.” — Aly Cotte, senior, business major


4. Seattle location

“My community at SPU has been awesome, and Seattle holds endless adventures with friends. My favorite hobby recently has been playing the guitar and singing worship with others!” — Lance Sarquilla, sophomore, Christian theology major

“My favorite thing about Seattle is the nature near SPU that allows me to go on adventures and find hidden gems in the city. I also love having an international district where I can find a piece of my home and share it with my community.” — Sophia Thomson, senior, communications major


5. Campus connections

“I really enjoy the various multicultural clubs SPU has! I’m personally a part of Filipino-American Student Association and Ohana ‘O Hawai’i Club. Joining both of these clubs has brought upon many amazing friendships and has made SPU feel more like home.” — Aysha Caoili, junior, nursing major

“My favorite thing at SPU is the clubs such as PICCA and Ohana ‘O Hawai’i…. Every weekend and sometimes during the week, my friends and I find ourselves at Gas Works park talking story.” — Makana Dang, senior, electrical engineering major

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