Students share: My favorite class

Challenge and adventure, personalized care and hands-on career preparation: All this and more happens in Seattle Pacific's classrooms.

At SPU, the average class size is just 21 students. And with a student-professor ratio of 13:1, students can receive personalized instruction, constructive feedback, and mentorship opportunities from professors. Not only are SPU professors leading scholars and researchers in their fields, but they truly care about students’ wellbeing, dreams, and career goals.

We asked some SPU students to share their favorite classes (so far) and why. Read their responses below!


“My favorite class so far has been my biology field experience class! For this class, we will go to Blakely Island in Washington’s San Juan Islands, studying plant life and ecology at SPU’s field station there. I am so grateful for the opportunity to use our work in the classroom at an actual research facility.” — Alicia Termini, senior, elementary education major


Psychopharmacology with Dr. Baker has by far been my favorite class I’ve taken at SPU. The class pushed me to think further about each class of drugs and opened my eyes up to the downfalls of pharmaceutical companies. I was genuinely sad when the class ended, but I was so thankful to have walked away with such an immense amount of knowledge and new outlook. I highly recommend everyone take the class!” — Aysha Caoili, junior, nursing major


“My favorite class so far has been Honors 2000, which was a sociology course. I have never read so much in my life, but I learned so much.” — Joshua Anderson


“If I had to choose one, I would say “Youth Ministry as Evangelism” with Mike Langford. I loved that class, first of all, because Dr. Langford is the best professor on this campus hands down, and secondly, because we analyzed the similarities of a mission-trip-style evangelism to youth ministry, which I think is a really interesting way to think about interacting with youth! I also loved “Anatomy and Physiology” with Dr. Bester-Meredith and Dr. Brezynski. I loved it so much I became a teacher’s assistant for them, and now I help set up the A&P labs!” — Sinclair Ralston, senior, nursing major


“My favorite class so far has been a science writing class I took my first year. I am not a science major, but really enjoyed learning how to write from a different perspective.” — Aly Cotte, senior, business major


“My favorite class by far is “Health Assessment!” I love learning all the hands-on stuff when it comes to nursing. And “Health Assessment” taught me many essential skills on being a good nurse.” — Julia Chen, junior, nursing major


“My favorite class so far has been genetics with Professor Tenlen! I really enjoy the way she teaches, and the subject is just so cool!” — Jessica Vester, senior, physiology major


“Most of the courses I took in my major are my favorite courses and get more and more interesting every year. However, if I have to choose, my favorite course is one I am currently taking, “Cost of Accounting,” which relates directly to the needs of my dream job. This course introduced me to different aspects of accounting and helped me better understand my other accounting courses. The instructor who teaches this course is the best because she does her best to combine theory and practical application.” — Noelline Djoko, junior, accounting and information studies major


“I’m currently taking a media writing course with Professor Sara Shaban. It is challenging, but also so fun. Professor Shaban is an amazing teacher.” — Aubrey Rhoadarmer, sophomore, journalism and Honors Liberal Arts double major


“My favorite class so far has been “Biology 2103.” I am very passionate about taking care of my own plants and now in this class, I get to learn exactly how they work.” — Itzel Aparicio

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