Students share: How I got my first job at SPU

Working at a job while in college brings a host of benefits to students. You can gain real-world skills, build your résumé, and, of course, help pay for college and other living expenses.

Plus, studies show that students who work during college do just as well (or better) academically than nonworking students. Working students have higher GPAs and a higher likelihood of completing their degree programs.

That’s why Seattle Pacific provides students with many ways to find jobs during their college years. We asked several students how they got their first jobs at SPU.


1. Handshake, SPU’s online job board for students and alumni

“I got my first job at SPU through SPU’s job board, Handshake. I have used this platform to apply for jobs within and outside of SPU. It is a great resource!” — Aly Cotte ’22, business major

“Being an ambassador for Admissions was my first true job at SPU, and I found it randomly on Handshake one day! I knew a girl on my floor freshman year had been an ambassador, so I chatted with her about it and realized it’d be something I’d really love to do! Now, three years later I’ve worked as an intern for Admissions and really loved getting to know the Admissions staff.” — Sinclair Ralston ’22, nursing major

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2. SPU staff members

“Michelle McFarland, director of enrollment services, got my name through other individuals with whom I crossed paths in the admissions office and encouraged me to apply for the transfer admissions intern position. I was intrigued with the position and ended up applying, interviewing, and getting the job!” — Aysha Caoili, senior, nursing major

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3. SPU’s website

“I worked at Subway right across the street during my first quarter at SPU, and I found this job through SPU’s dining services website.” — Julia Chen, senior, nursing major

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4. Professors

“I am a teacher’s assistant in the physics department. I was encouraged to apply by one of my professors.” — Alicia Termini, senior, elementary education major


5. Campus connections

“I got my first job through my friend who already had an on-campus job. She told me that the job was hiring, so I applied and was able to get interviewed and accepted!” — Jessica Vester ’22, physiology major

Other job-search resources available to SPU students:

  • Office of Student Employment: Connects students with on- and off-campus employers, and hosts regular job fairs
  • Center for Career and Calling: Helps students build interview skills, create résumés, and find jobs and internships
  • Mentor Program: Connects students with Seattle-area professionals in their fields for job shadowing experience, mentorship, and networking

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