Perfect score Excel ribbon Illustration by Dom Guzman

Perfect score Excel ribbon Illustration by Dom GuzmanSPU SOPHOMORE Julia Lats thought her residential advisor was weird when the RA announced that she loved Excel spreadsheets.

“It was the very first fact she told us about herself,” Lats laughed. But after taking a required Microsoft Excel course for SPU economic and business majors, Lats admits she gets it now.

In fact, Lats really gets it. She achieved a rare perfect score of 1000/1000 on the MOS Excel test, a timed certification exam that measures a person’s competency in creating spreadsheets, tables, and applying functions and formulas.

It takes a score of 700 or higher to pass the online test. “We’ve had about 15 to 20 students score in the 900s over the past year,” said Sharon Hathaway Forrest, an adjunct professor who teaches the Excel course.

Illustration by Dom Guzman

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