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Notable new books by SPU faculty

The Elegy Beta and Other Poems is Mischa Willett’s follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut, Phases. Willett, an assistant professor of English and writing, suffuses his second book with his characteristic candor and wit. The Elegy Beta features lyrical ruminations on subjects classical and contemporary, theological and practical.

With a limited print run of just 350, Scott Cairns’ newest book, A School of Embodied Poetics, is only 24 pages long, with a collection of a dozen poems. Cairns is a professor of English and director of the MFA in Creative Writing program.

Robert W. Wall, professor of Scripture and Wesleyan Studies at Seattle Pacific Seminary, co-edited Wesley One Volume Commentary with Kenneth J. Collins. The commentary includes interpretations from more than 40 Wesleyan scholars to assist small group leaders and lay people with Bible studies,and to help pastors with sermon preparation.

Richard Steele, professor of moral and historical theology, and Heidi Monroe, assistant professor of nursing, published Christian Ethics and Nursing Practice, comparing moral teachings of the Bible to the ethical standards of modern nursing. The book contains reflections by graduate nursing students from the SPU course Steele and Monroe co-teach, “Values, Faith, and Ethics.”

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