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Notable new books by SPU faculty

Death and Persistence by Rebekah L.H. Rice book coverIn Death and Persistence (Cambridge University Press, 2022), Rebekah L.H. Rice explores some metaphysical puzzles that arise from the
idea that physical death may not mark the end of an individual’s existence. In this contribution to Cambridge Elements in Philosophy of Religion series, Rice considers whether we might exist and have experiences beyond the time of our death, adding to the growing field of materialist accounts of resurrection.

Rice is professor and chair of philosophy and associate dean in the College of Arts and Sciences.


Rachell Sumpter, professor of art, illustrated the children’s book The Birthday of the World: A Story About Finding Light and Light in Everyone and Everything (Cameron Kids, 2022), by Rachel Remen. The book is a modern retelling of a timeless story about finding light in the darkness, one spark at a time.

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