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Koskela book coverIn The Radiance of God: Christian Doctrine Through the Image of Divine Light (Cascade Books, 2021), Professor of Theology Douglas M. Koskela explores the Christian faith through the motif of light and God’s radiance. Koskela invites readers to reflect upon the ways in which God’s divine light is alluring, transforming, and ultimately joyful.


Shaban book coverSara Shaban, assistant professor of journalism, wrote Iranian Feminism and Transnational Ethics in Media Discourse (Lexington Books, 2022), released in January. Shaban’s book examines the news and social media coverage of #WhiteWednesdays, a social media campaign where women wear white to protest to Iran’s dress code. Her critical discourse analysis of the campaign highlights how real representations of Iran, Muslim women, and feminist politics are obscured in favor of news that reaffirms U.S. Islamophobic and xenophobic ideologies.

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