Shaping the future

pictured left to right: Jesselyn, Omni, and Suzie

<p>Top 5 &#8211; Five questions with Jesselyn, Omni, and Suzie.</p>

Meet Jesselyn | The Future Teacher

Jesselyn knows what she wants to do … and she is on the path to ensure it will be done! Inspired by her family and birthplace, Jesselyn is studying special education. Learn more about this purposeful SPU student from the beautiful island of Guam who plans to start teaching at a school in the Washington area in 2020.

Favorite course? Any special ed course because I can learn something new every day that will help my career.
Favorite place to chill near campus? Bobalust Tea House
Best thing about SPU? The friends I’ve met here who have become my family!
Any hidden talents? I can move my ears without touching them.
Involved in any campus clubs or activities? PICCA, Intramural sports, co-ed volleyball


Meet Omni | The Future Designer

Involved in many clubs and activities around campus, everyone seems to know Omni. A Southern California native, he is studying PPE (politics, philosophy, and economics) and plans to travel and expand his world after graduating in 2020. Learn more about this intentional SPU student who dreams of being an architectural designer.

Favorite course? Explaining evil with Dr. Diekema!
Favorite place to chill near campus? The Ave.
Best thing about SPU? The friends I’ve made here.
Any hidden talents? I can sing like a bird.
Involved in any campus clubs or activities? PICCA, BSU, Student Ministry Coordinator, Resident Advisor



Meet Suzie | The Future Doctor

Suzie, currently employed at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, dreams of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. She is studying physiology and bioethics and plans to pursue her medical degree upon graduation in 2020. Learn more about this brave SPU student originally from Seligman, Arizona.

Favorite professor? Bartles, aka Dr. Bartlett
Favorite place to chill near campus? Lake Union Park Bridge
Best thing about SPU? The close-knit biochem family at SPU.
Any hidden talents? Horseback riding since I was three!
Involved in any campus clubs or activities? Teacher’s assistant and tutor for biology and chemistry

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