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Top six hometown photos of SPU’s 2018 incoming class

This fall, we’ll welcome the 2018 incoming class to campus … and we can’t wait for them to arrive in Seattle! But our hometowns hold a special place in our hearts, and we want to get to know some of the places that our new students call home.

You cast your votes ... and you've selected Vivian's photo of her hometown, Shenzhen, China, to receive a $50 Amazon gift card at Orientation this September.

6. @chlowess: Arizona mountains

While on a hike in the gorgeous Arizona mountains, Chloe and a friend stop for a quick yoga break.

5. @jellyluvi: Shenzhen skyline

Vivian writes, “3 things Shenzhen and Seattle have in common: 1. They both rain a lot. 2. They’re both by the sea. 3. They’re both cities that I’ll be calling ‘home.’” We can’t wait to welcome you here, Vivian!

4. @keaton.dixon: Small town sunset

Keaton comes from a small town in eastern Washington with amazing desert views – check out his post for more photos! In Richland, he grew up on his great grandparents’ farm, surrounded by sunshine, apricot trees, and cucumber gardens.

3. @steven.jenkins.pnw: Mountaintop

Here’s Steven soaking in the view from a recent PNW hike. There are hundreds of hikes in the greater Seattle area, and SPU’s Outdoor Recreation Program rents tons of gear to students throughout the year at discounted prices.

2. Julia Bakh: Waterfall

Julia’s coming to SPU from Vancouver, Washington, which is close to the beautiful views of Oregon’s John B. Yeon state park.

1.@tenleyqnelsen: San Juan Island

Tenley writes, “t-minus 4 days until crabbing season! Love this little island but I’m so excited for life in the city.”

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