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Top six hometown photos of SPU’s 2017 incoming class

This fall, #spubound students will be moving to Seattle. SPU’s 2017 incoming class might be leaving their hometowns behind, but the places we’re from hold a special place in our hearts.

After a week of voting, you chose Mercy's gorgeous Alaskan waterfront as your favorite hometown photo.

6. @shanaynay_zamudio: Mountaintop

Israel on Pilot Rock in the Cascades

Israel shared this stunning photo from Pilot Rock in Oregon’s western Cascade mountains.


5. @merce_1198: Alaskan Waterfront

Alaska scenery and sea planes

Mercy writes, “Living in the land of the midnight sun, but soon to be sleepless in Seattle.” FYI, the houseboats from that Tom Hanks movie are in walking distance of campus. Also, Port Alsworth, Alaska is gorgeous.


4. @TheRealRsappii: At the Beach

Ryan jumping over the water on the coast of Washington

A look at the beaches of Washington’s coast, courtesy of Ryan from Lacey, a little over an hour away from Seattle.


3. @angelinaSPHS: Waterfall

Angelia doing a Yoga pose near a waterfall in Palouse State Park

Repping the other side of the mountains, Angelia shows off the gorgeous Palouse State Park near Spokane, Washington.


2. @ro.olivia: Phone Booth

Rosie in a red telephone booth in her hometown of Milqaukee, Wisconsin

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … no, it’s Rosie spending some time in her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Superman transformation not included.)


1. @roxyruther: California Sunset

Roxy jumping a wave on the cost of California near her hometown

Roxy’s photo on the California coast sums up pretty perfectly how we feel about everyone coming to campus this fall. Your hometowns look amazing, but we can’t wait for you to get here and join us!



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