A soldier comforts a small child


Kenneth Colpitts ’80
Denver, Colorado

I’ve been receiving your magazine for years, but this last one was the best yet (Spring/Summer ’22). I’m a Marine who served in Afghanistan. Marines are extremely prepared for any situation, but there was a time when we were over there when moms were handing us their babies. They wanted their infants to be safe with us. It was extremely heartrending. Even when we think we’re prepared for everything, we are not.

I’m a pretty strong person, but when I saw the story with the photo of the soldier holding a little baby in Afghanistan (“Tears for a beloved country”), it made me cry. Women and girls are suffering so much since the Taliban has taken over. Please continue to write more stories like that one.

Erik Nutley ’81
Kent, Washington

BioCORE Scholars Program: Changing the face of medicine,” (Spring/Summer ’22), was a wonderful story. However, the premise of the story is misleading at best. The opening sentence states, “Students of color are still underrepresented in medical schools.” According to the data from the Association of American Medical Colleges and the Census Bureau, it is whites who are now underrepresented, being 60% of the population but only 54% of medical school graduates.

If you wanted to pick out a group that is especially overrepresented, it would be Asians (6% of the population but over 21% of medical school
graduates). However, instead of highlighting what some might consider an inequity, we should applaud their success, which reflects the hard work and dedication it takes to be accepted into and graduate from medical school. Hopefully their example will inspire others.

Annabelle Schertzinger
Arlington, Washington

I just received my Spring/Summer Response and saw the photo to identify on page 2. That would be Fort Casey!

Although I am not an alum of SPU, I’m a big fan of the school. In fact, one of your alums attended because my husband and I recommended it to her.

When we first moved to Seattle in 1988, our church spent a wonderful week every summer at Camp Casey’s campground. Those summer experiences are part of our children’s DNA, and our daughter was even baptized in the swimming pool there.

Thank you for maintaining such a wonderful facility that has ministered to the hearts and lives of probably thousands of people over the years.
Blessings for the future of SPU!

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