From the reader Winter 2020

Thank you for your excellent article in the spring 2020 issue on Qatar’s museums. As a resident there from 2002 to 2016, Qatar has developed a
number of excellent museums. There is one correction about the size of Qatar. Its area is 4,468 sq. miles whereas Pennsylvania’s area is 46,054 sq. miles, about 10 times larger. [Qatar] is closer in size to Connecticut (5,543) or Delaware (2,589).

Terrance Murphy
Seattle, Washington

I had an incredibly good time at SPU’s homecoming in February. My wife, Nan, and I truly enjoyed the reunion with the basketball players from the early 1970s who reunited for the games, practices, and dinners that we shared. (I was basketball manager from 1971 to 1975.)

Nan learned how truly special Seattle Pacific has been to me. I also attended the Centurions luncheon which was wonderful. Unfortunately, my incredible mate died on March 7. Nan had heart difficulties, and her heart totally failed that evening while holding my arms.

I miss her very much. The Lord blessed us with 23 wonderful years. I could not have hoped for a better partner in life.

David Kyllo ’75
Lake Zurich, Illinois

I am an adjunct faculty member in the Kinesiology department at Biola University. I am remote teaching a general education required course called, “Lifetime Wellness,” and our first module is on stress management.

Thank you so much for the article, “How do we move forward from trauma?” by Amy Quist [Response Spring 2020]. (My husband, Dr. Eric Hedin,
is an SPU alumnus, and we get your excellent Response publication in the mail.)

This article is very concise and informative on a very relevant topic. I am especially interested in her findings that reveal that a daily practice of “an attitude of gratitude” is one of the most important things one can do for building resiliency in our minds.

I am using it for a discussion forum prompt regarding the importance of the daily practice of gratitude. I ask the students why they think this is so powerful in creating emotional resilience. This affirms a daily practice of gratitude mentioned in Dr. J.P. Moreland’s book, Finding Quiet.

Tina Hedin
Fullerton, California

baby PerezMy wife, Sarah, and I are both theology alums from 2006, and I graduated from Seattle Pacific Seminary in ’13.

We named our third child (born April 11) Adelaide, after Adelaide Beers. We did this because Adelaide Beers was a modern-day preacher, and we
wanted to name our daughter after a “priestess.”

Jesus is called “prophet, priest, and king.” We used that motif to name our kids. Our firstborn we named Solomon, a king. Our secondborn we named Elias (derivative of “Elijah”), a prophet. Adelaide is our priestess.

[A friend] let me know that Alexander Hall has been renamed Alexander and Adelaide Hall. It would be fitting for us to take a picture sometime in front of the hall named after the woman our daughter is named for and from which Sarah and I both graduated.

Raoul Perez ’06, MDiv ’13
Everett, Washington

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