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Falcon spirit: Top six photos of SPU’s 2017 incoming class

You future Falcons have officially chosen the reigning monarch in the donut realm of your soon-to-be classmates: @abibouman’s “What are you looking at?”

Congrats, @abibouman! Your donuteyes have won you a $50 Amazon gift card at Orientation.

6. Skydive: @dylan_the_villain18

@dylan_the_villain18 skydives

Extra points to Dylan for the Switchfoot lyrics, “Life is short, I want to live it well.”


5. Yellowstone: @emily_geringer

Emily Geringer at Yellowstone National Park

Emily brings her #falconspirit to Yellowstone National Park.


4. Beach break: @iphotohunt

Isaiah posing behind a large piece of driftwood on the beach

Isaiah explores the beach from a unique viewpoint under a piece of driftwood.


3. Falcon leap: @haroitslia

@haroitslia leaping in the air

Falcon leap sounds like it should be something out of Super Smash Brothers.


2. Donuts: @abibouman

Abi Bouman holds donuts over her eyes

What are you looking at?


1. Boss beanie: @delaneypalmer19

Delaney Palmer wears an SPU beanie, pin, and coordinating colors.

From the hat, to the pin, to the shirt, to the perfect lip color, Delaney’s look is on point.



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