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What is Christ’s call on our lives? These business leaders live out their faith through their work

In the early aughts, Seattle Pacific launched the Center for Faithful Business, a think tank focused on the integration of faith and business. The
Center seeks to be a prophetic voice, calling business leaders to approach work differently as followers of Christ.

The CFB hosts national conferences on how industries can impact the world for good. It brings scholars to SPU as Bill Pollard Faith and Business Research Fellows. And through the Faith Integration Fellows program, SPU faculty can take, tuition-free, graduate-level seminary classes to explore how theology integrates with their own specific academic disciplines.

One of the Center’s most significant endeavors is Faith & Co, a series of documentary films and online courses that explore how people approach their work as service to God and the Steve Bell common good. The films look at how faith can shape the way organizations manage employees as well as how they serve their customers.

Now, in its fourth season, Faith & Co is focusing on how businesses can solve social and environmental problems, serve their local communities, and be stewards of God’s creation.

We invite you to meet business leaders in the United States and abroad who are participating in God’s redemptive work in the world.

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