Owner and Creative Director at Paper Moss, LLC

Emily Fadenrecht HostetlerOwner and Creative Director at Paper Moss, LLC

Greenwich, Connecticut

Visual Communications major 2006

As of May 2008, Hostetler is the owner and creative director of Paper Moss, LLC, where she custom designs luxury wedding stationery suites. She and her team specialize in the Old World method of letterpress printing. No design is the same, so they are essentially branding each couple and their wedding. In addition to her design work, Hostetler and her husband volunteer with Young Life in Greenwich, Conneticut.

How does your time at SPU connect to the work you’re doing today?

The Art Department at SPU was based on innovation and deadlines — two things that I constantly need to stay on top of while working with new clients and extremely important wedding-date deadlines.

Who made a difference in your SPU education?

Roger Feldman! Without him I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Switching my major from music to visual communications my JUNIOR YEAR was quite a challenge, and he approved endless requests of mine to help me finish in four years — be it extra credits per semester, independent studies, etc. He believed in me and helped me be able to do a design internship for credit in New York City that later turned into a full-time job.

What advice do you have for students about life after graduation?

Going into it with the confidence that the God of the universe is our ultimate help and guide, you will be as prepared as you can be.


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