Creation and contemplation

“Faith is very much attached to what I’m doing,” said Dominic Renz ’20, who graduated from SPU with a degree in studio art. “Praise and lament are always fighting within me. My work reflects the idea that it’s OK to not always understand, and it’s OK to have doubts.

“That’s the human process and the process of art. I’m not trying to push Christian ideology with my work, but instead I’m trying to convey some very human questions: How do we wrestle with tragedy or injustice? How do we wrestle with our own darkness? How do we pair that with joy and goodness?”

A California native, Renz transferred to SPU for the opportunity to learn and create in a small program. “I wanted close, one-on-one dialogues with professors. I also wanted to come to Seattle and experience the city, to see what the bigger art world was like. I wanted to live in a place full of creative people, where I could have conversations about making visual representations that reflect what’s going on within ourselves.”

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