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Top six things SPU’s incoming students can’t leave home without

This is it: the final round of #SPUbound! You went from Future Falcons to full-on Falcons this week, and not everything could fit in your suitcases. Congratulations to Taylor and her inspiration board, your choice for favorite photo!

Here are some of the things you had to bring to campus with you:

6. Cat Love: @damisdoodles

“Can’t leave for school without: my baby! Seriously, I’m FaceTiming her (and parents) everyday,” says Dami.

5. Costco Haul: @haroitslia

Alia says: “I can’t leave without almond milk. or my mini fridge… or cookie straws… food is important.”

4. Beta:@venixthewolf98587467

With a fish on your desk, you’ll always have a study buddy for encouragement!

3. Cousin: @claraannehall

Clara says she #cantleavewithout her favorite cousin, “so I brought her with me ❤️.”

2. Unicycle: @the_plush_hamster

Where bikes aren’t allowed maybe unicycles are an exception? Sneaky.

1. Vision Board: @taylorhiroyasu

“FINALLY LIVIN THE DORM LIFE & I #cantleavewithout all my favorite pictures, quotes, & people on my inspiration board!!” Taylor says.


Voting closed Tuesday, October 2, at 8 p.m.

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