This is it: the final round of our summer SPU Bound photo contest for incoming students. You’ve submitted photos of what you #cantleavewithout and Nikki’s chihuahua, Phoebe, is your choice for your favorite photo.

6. Chihuahua: @alvanikkii


This is Phoebe, an — as her human puts it — “adorable little apple-headed chihuahua.” They’ve been together since 2010, which makes this a pretty tough goodbye.

5. Ukelele: @haroitslia


Alia writes, “I can’t leave home without my ukulele … or a hair tie.”

4. Meet Toby: @shanaynay2bay

Meet Toby

“Find a better doggo than Toby,” Shannon captioned this sweet pic. “Oh wait, u can’t.”

3. Multiple monitors: @qrcline

multiple monitors

“I can’t leave this beast behind when I leave for college,” Quinton writes. We hope transporting the computer and monitors to your res hall room went well!

2. This is Patsy: @i_malone

This is Patsy

Ivy writes, “All packed to move into school and Patsy is ready to go.”

1. Guitar: @jennif00f00


Jenn can’t leave without her guitar … and knowing people who play guitar is always pretty great news for everyone who loves impromptu res hall jam sessions.


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