Pets are our furry companions who hold special places in our hearts — it’s hard to leave home without them! On July 12, we launched the #bestpet theme for our annual #spubound photo contest for Seattle Pacific’s 2021 incoming class.

We received an overwhelming amount of #bestpet photo entries on social media. Although it was difficult to choose only ten photos to move to the next round, we narrowed it down.

You voted to choose the best pet photo, and you chose Emma’s pup Estrella as the winner! She will receive a $50 Amazon gift card. Two themes down, three to go!
All students who submitted photos will be entered into a raffle to win a $25 Amazon gift card at the end of the contest.

Voting ended at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, July 25.

1. @daisyvelas

Daisy’s pup, Trixie Elouise, has the prettiest eyes!


2. @natalie.dueck

Natalie’s dog, Oliver, is always photo-ready.


3. @tachanka98

Alex’s cat, Baymax, found the best spot to take a nap.


4. @vanillakitkats

Bella’s pup, Easton, is picture perfect. So adorable!


5. @kedsji0729

Julianne’s cat, Honeybear, knows how to pose for a photo.


6. @nathalie21_c

Nathalie’s dog, Furgus, has the cutest ears!


7. @fionnaokeefe

Fionna’s cat, Leo, knows how to lounge but make it look cute.

8. @sstressedanddepressedd

Emma’s dog, Estrella, knows how to dress in style.

9. @_matt_650

Matthew’s dog looks majestic amongst the beautiful tree in the background.

10. @james.hookano

James’ pup enjoying the sun.


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