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Best pet of SPU’s incoming 2017 class

The votes are in, and you have officially chosen who among your future classmates furry, scaled, or feathered friends reigns supreme.

You chose Harmony's snow dog, Lucy, as the best pet of SPU's 2017 incoming class. Congrats, Lucy! You've won your human a $50 Amazon gift card at Orientation.

6. Study Buddy: @mari_joyy

Marissa's dog wearing glasses and resting its head on a book

Marissa’s dog looks ready to join her as she takes off for college this fall.


5. Snow Day: @harmonucci

Harmony's dog Lucy playing in the snow

A Seattle local, Harmony’s dog Lucy loved playing in the rare Seattle snow last winter.


4. Labradoodle: @david.ahmann

David with his labradoodle puppy on his lap.

David’s adorable labradoodle puppy would make anyone heel and paws!


3. Playtime: @abibouman

Abi playing with her orange cat

Abi might be allergic to cats, but that doesn’t stop her from playing with her #bestpet.


2. Jojo the Goldfish: @asedathequeen

Aseda and her goldfish Jojo

Aseda’s goldfish Jojo is helping her count the days until she “swims on over to the PNW” to attend SPU!


1. Separation Anxiety: @n_linn_t

Nicole's Australian Shepherd Kora

Nicole is thrilled to begin her SPU journey in September, but her Australian Shepherd, Kora, is having a ruffff time. “I couldn’t be happier to know that she will only be an hour away from me!” says Nicole.



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