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Best decorated graduation caps of SPU’s 2017 incoming class

On June 12, we launched our #spubound photo contest for Seattle Pacific’s 2017 incoming class. You shared your #bestgradcap photos — showing off your colorful, creative, and artistic graduation cap designs — and then it was up to you to pick the first winner.

You choose Janessa's graduation cap as your favorite, and she's the first of seven winners from SPU's 2017 incoming class who will receive a $50 Amazon gift card at orientation this fall.

5. Seattle Skyline: @livtakespics

Livvy and her decorated graduation cap

Decorated in SPU’s maroon, black, and white, Livvy’s graduation cap highlights the Seattle skyline and also highlights our Christian identity by adding a cross to her design.


4. “Psyched for SPU”: @blurryfacedfren

A decorated graduation cap

Right back at you … we’re pretty psyched for everyone to get here!


3. “Uncaged”: @haleyiscooliguess

Graduation cap decorated with a falcon

You are a falcon now, after all. It’s time for you to go out and make your mark on the world.


2. Glittering Seattle Skyline: @_kerrymae_

Graduation cap decorated with a sparkling Seattle skyline

Unfortunately, the real Space Needle doesn’t shimmer and sparkle quite this much. But it still looks ridiculously beautiful at night.


1. “Your future is…”: @janessa_akemi

A candidate for best decorated graduation cap

We’d settle to have handwriting that looks half as good as this. With this level of artistic talent, we can’t wait to see how you end up decorating your res hall rooms!


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