SPUBOUND Photo Contest #bestgradcap

Graduation is one of the most exciting parts of high school — and it means being able to show off how you decorate your graduation cap! On June 15, we launched our annual #spubound photo contest for Seattle Pacific's 2018 incoming class.

Future students showed us their #bestgradcap photos on social media, and we narrowed it down to the top eight; there sure are a creative bunch of Falcons coming to campus in the fall!

You voted to choose the best photo, and you chose Reagan's "whaled it" cap as the winner! She's the first of seven #spubound winners who will receive a $50 Amazon gift card at orientation.

6. “Whaled it”: @reagan_lyle

There’s nothing like a good whale pun! This cap was so over-whale-mingly killer that we were blown away by your creativity. Whalecome to SPU, Reagan!

5. Somalia: @ugbadd

 Ugbad’s coming to SPU from Solmalia. Her cap takes the borders of the East African country and turns it into a garden — lovelovelove your colorful flowers!

4. Starry Night: @cherry_.cola_

Oil on canvas? We prefer acrylic on grad cap. Bella’s tribute to “The Starry Night” gives Van Gogh a run for his money. Look at those details!

3. SPU ’22: @uhlaysja

This future falcon is thinking ahead — to the year 2022, to be exact! Alaysja is wasting no time between graduating high school to preparing herself to be a part of the SPU ’22 graduating class.

2. “God is within her…”: @ashleybuenbrazo

More flowers! Cursive! Quoting Psalm 46:5! Gemstones! Ashley’s grad cap has it all. This looked like it was a blast to create.

1. Floral: @kaylachan123

Kayla’s cap is simple and classy, simultaneously showcasing her Falcon pride.
P.S. Can you tell we’re loving all of your floral designs?!??!
P.P.S. Check out Kayla’s IG to see more angles of her cap!

Voting for round 1 #spubound winners ended at 8 p.m. on Monday, July 9, 2018.

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