Best decorated graduation cap of SPU’s 2019 incoming class

Graduation is one of the most exciting parts of high school —  and it means being able to show off your decorated graduation cap! On June 17, we launched our annual #spubound photo contest for Seattle Pacific’s 2019 incoming class.

Incoming students showed us their #bestgradcap photos on social media, and we narrowed it down to the top six.

You voted to choose the best grad cap, and you chose Mariah’s “it wasn’t for nothing” cap as the winner! She’s the first of seven #spubound winners who will receive a $25 Amazon gift card at Orientation. Congratulations Mariah!

All students who have submitted photos will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win Airpods at the end of the contest. Every photo submission per theme will count as a raffle entry.

Voting closed on Sunday, June 30 at 11:59 p.m.

6. “It wasn’t for nothing”: @mariah__014

Looking back on hardships and choosing to move forward is so powerful! We love the courage and beautiful visuals of Mariah’s journey.

5. “Making you proud”: @boonica

Veronica isn’t done making her father proud through her impressive accomplishments. We’re excited to see your continued growth at SPU!

4. “Thank U, Next”: @jchnsworld

The perfect song lyrics by Ariana Grande for those moving on to their next best thing! We’re so glad John will join the Falcon family and study fashion design this fall.

3. “World changer”: @rawnie_hoover

Rawnie is excited for her new adventures! Can’t wait to see how you engage the culture and change the world.

2. “Acceptance with joy”: @nyahcward

Lovely visuals of the beautiful wild flowers at Mt. Rainier during the summer. We’re looking forward to having such a talented painter like Nyah on campus!

1. “SPU ’23”: @chariyason

Chariya’s cap is classy, simple, and Falcon colors! We love the floral design with a touch of sparkle. Welcome to SPU!

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