Multimedia Journalist for Helm & Harbor

Avery MiloMultimedia Journalist for Helm & Harbor

Muscat, Oman

Global Development Studies major 2012

Since graduating, Milo has worked as a multimedia journalist, creating photo, video, audio, and written content, primarily for nonprofit organizations. In 2013, Milo started the company, Helm & Harbor, which focuses on creating storytelling media to educate on various social issues and support development efforts. Milo says SPU offered a foundational knowledge of relief and development work, and experiences in the field have brought that knowledge to life. Having recently relocated to Muscat, Oman, Milo is contracting with a French film production company, studying Arabic, and producing independent documentary work.

How does your time at SPU connect to the work you’re doing today?

I came to SPU specifically for the global development studies program. From freshman year, I knew I had made the right choice. The course material was stimulating and exciting to dive into, through my classes, my interests and career aspirations were affirmed. I was able to shape my education in the way that would best suit my own path. I chose to focus the majority of my studies and papers on the Middle East and refugee resettlement. Today, the majority of my work happens in the Middle East, working within refugee communities. My SPU experience created a solid foundation of knowledge and experience for me to build upon.

Who made a difference in your SPU education?

I do not have the words to express how greatly my life has been impacted by Dr. Kathleen Braden. Being a global development studies major, I had Dr. B. was my department head and academic advisor. But her role in my life went above and beyond the job description. She was (and continues to be) a source of encouragement and inspiration. Dr. Braden knew my passions and aspirations well, and did everything she could to support them. I truly believe that I would not be doing the work I am today without the encouragement and support I received from Dr. Braden.

What advice do you have for students about life after graduation?

The initial transition to post-grad life will most likely be challenging, but keep reminding yourself of what makes you, you.


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