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Allen Klein

Allen KleinStrategic Account Executive at Microsoft


Business Administration major 2011

As a strategic account executive at Microsoft, Klein works with the world’s largest advertisers on a daily basis.

How does your time at SPU connect to the work you’re doing today?

While at SPU, I made a mentor connection that helped me land my job here at Microsoft. Now almost five years out, I find that while many of the specifics of class are foggy, but the focus on collaboration, teamwork, and doing things right — not fast — lives on.

Who made a difference in your SPU education?

Dr. Gary Karns was, and still is my mentor in many life activities. He taught me many sales skills while in school that I use now.

What advice do you have for students about life after graduation?

Significance is not what you do, but who you are. Choose a “theme” that you want to be true in your first job, but be prepared to grunt it out while you learn the skills you need to be successful.


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