50th Anniversary of SPU’s Honors Program

Illustration by Tommy Clark

girl sits on book
Illustration by Tommy Clark

SPU’s Honors Program celebrates its 50th anniversary this year with an emphasis on inclusion and recognition as a second major.

Described as a program for students who are “intellectually curious, seek truth, and love to learn about everything,” the program was revamped to accommodate transfer students and welcome historically underrepresented ethnic minority students. Its curriculum now includes a service requirement, more diverse and interdisciplinary courses, and classes offered in multiple sections at various times of the year.

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”
— Nelson Mandela

Incoming and transfer students are invited to become University Scholars, but current students are also able to apply to the program, which is an accelerated alternative to the regular general education program.

Upon completion, students receive a second (or “co-major”) bachelor of arts degree in Honors Liberal Arts, alongside their regular disciplinary major.

Christine Chaney, director of the program and professor of English, said plans are underway for a 50th anniversary celebration when groups can safely gather. Honors program alumni should contact Chaney at cchaney@spu.edu for information about the celebration and a spring retreat.

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